Agents & Resellers

If you are an Independent Sales Agent, Independent Sales Office, Merchant Service Provider, or have access to marijuana dispensaries and are looking for a partner that can provide a payment processing solution that allows MMJ dispensaries to accept more than cash – look no further.  Marijuana Credit Card Processor offer a great residual revenue sharing program that gives you the opportunity to capitalize on your network and our true penny pin-debit solution.  Our solution works for any dispensary selling cannabis, CDB Oils, Edibles, pipes, bongs, grinders, or any other marijuana related product.  Medical marijuana dispensaries with the ability to accept debit cards have greater opportunities to increase sales and avoid the need to have a bulky ATM machine on the premises taking up valuable floor space.  Because our payment acceptance method is a true penny solution all transactions are exact to the cent and merchants will not have to provide change, additional product, or maintain a petty cash drawer; which is typically necessary with traditional cashless ATM’s.  From applying to approval the process is simple, quick, and easy for both agents and merchants. Contact us now to join our program and begin offering this solution to your Medical Marijuana merchants today!