Marijuana Credit Card Processing


Marijuana Credit Card Processing

We are not a company that deals with many different types of accounts; we are focused and specialize in card processing specifically for the medical marijuana industry in United States. We understand that there are many different types of dispensaries, and we are well suited to deal with all of them. Most importantly, we operate as a full disclosure payment processor. This means that we will never mask your Marijuana dispensary as any other business type and put your livelihood in danger just so you can accept credit cards or debit cards. It is what it is: a medical or recreational marijuana dispensary. This is not an episode of Breaking Bad. Full disclosure works to your benefit in many ways, though mainly in that you will not jeopardize your credit, nor will your payment processing service be shut down because of your business type. In addition to that, we can boast a high approval rate for our marijuana credit card processing services, ensuring that you will not only get your shot at becoming a huge entity in the medical marijuana business, but that you will also be able to take advantage of the same credit card processing services that other companies use on a regular basis. Are you ready to take your MMJ business to the next level?  If so then you will most definitely want to see what we have to offer. We know in-and-out all rules and regulations for marijuana credit card processing and we are professional payment processor for Marijuana industry in the USA.

So what’s included in our marijuana credit card processing service? First, we can offer you the hardware terminal and pin pad at the very low price or absolutely free to qualified merchants (call 855-869-9032 for details).  This will integrate with your existing equipment. Aside from the hardware costs you will also pay a low monthly maintenance fee of $10 and a small percentage fee of each transaction. This is a small price to pay for the services that you will be receiving. And, the opportunity to conveniently offer multiple payment options including credit cards and debit cards is priceless.

If you run a Medical Marijuana Dispensary and need a credit card processing service for your business, now would be a great time to take into consideration the services we offer and think about how you can implement them into your business. Our MMJ card payment solution is a huge upside in being first to market with new payment options.  Be ready to expand your clientele, and most importantly, make your service far more convenient for those who already shop with you. In any business, it’s all about serving the customer, and this is the best way to accomplish that. By using our payment processing service there is increased success on the horizon with what your business is about to book with the use of medical or recreational marijuana credit card processing.

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